ImagePath Digital Class Tool (DCT)
Elegantly facilitates all the requirements of digital class technology

ImagePath Digital Class Tool elegantly facilitates all the requirements of digital class technology. Which includes the function of Whiteboarding, Wireless Presentation into a giant touchscreen for efficient teaching and learning activities. ImagePath DCT will replace the functions of projectors, whiteboards, and other presentation devices. Make devices integrated with the modern digital classroom environment.
• Pre-loaded with applications for presentation, such as Doc Viewer, Web Browser, and Media Player.
• Wireless presentation for previewing and sharing on multiple platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android.
• Make your presentation better with the bright and versatile ImagePath 4K Digital Class Room.
• The responsive multi-touch screen technology has been grafted into this ImagePath DCT for a great touch experience.

ImagePath DCT facilitates easier digital class operations and shares rich content with support for a wide range of media formats and no need for additional handling. From PCs, Macs, Tablets, or Smartphones participants could connect and share content with ImagePath Digital Class Tool up to 4 devices in real-time, making teaching and learning activities more effective and fun.

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