ImagePath RealView S
Is the advanced video wall processor technology that supports embedded Audio

ImagePath RealView™ S  is the advanced video wall processor technology that supports embedded Audio. Provide excellent performance and flexibility, the screen on the video wall can be controlled through the iPad. Based on the cutting edge processing technology, supports embedded Audio, making RealView S a video wall processor with advanced features. RealView S is user-friendly operational video wall management with an interactive application. 

Features RealView™ S video wall management :

  • Multi-View and control video wall management
  • Supports embedded audio
  • Create, copy, save and delete layouts
  • lmport or export layouts
  • Shortcuts for each layout
  • Position, re-size, crop, and overlapped input windows
  • lnput signal live preview on Windows OS
  • User authority management
  • Drag and drop easy operation
  • Multi-video walls control (up to 5 video wall controlling simultaneously)
  • Controlled through iPad
  • Available application on the App Store for iPad OS

The RV-S video wall processor can give you total control of the video wall on your hand. Control via iPad to choose the source, move, sizing, or even save and recall the layout. The redundant power supply is higher due to the design and functionality for more durability.

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