ImagePath SmartFilm X100
SmartFilm X100 is the latest high-tech smart film product under the ImagePath brand

SmartFilm X100 is the latest high-tech smart film product under the ImagePath brand. Equipped with anti-flicker technology, the frequency is up to 100Hz-double the frequency compared to older smart film technologies, and available with a new feature option that is the curtain effect feature. SmartFilm X100  has 2 types, SmartFilm X100-V and SmartFilm X100-F. Just press the remote button, the view will easily switch from a transparent state to a non-transparent opaque state. 

  • Anti-flicker technology will provide a clear, non-flickering appearance when the glass is transparent, makes eyes comfortable.
  • Frequencies up to 100Hz (double the frequency compared to older smart film technologies) provide 30% clearer transparency.*
  • Optional with the curtain effect feature to present a new experience. From opaque state to transparent or conversely, layer by layer in sequence like the curtain layer transition effect, when the SmartFilm X100 power is ON/OFF.
  • Just press the remote button, the appearance will easily switch from transparent (power on) to an opaque state (power off) for optimal privacy.
  • Easy and suitable to apply in meeting rooms, control rooms, other office interiors, commercial buildings, residences, apartments, exhibitions, and can be used anywhere there is a glass of, any size and shape.

SmartFilm X100 is the best solution to instantly provide optimal privacy whenever needed.

*type V

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