Unilumin USF Series
LED energy-saving products

Professional & Commercial 

The design of USF is based on the concept of restoring the original picture of things. USF was powered by Unilumin Joy way’s professional LED technology, and the contrast ratio of it reaches 9,000:1 with a refresh rate of 3,840Hz. Due to a better grayscale, USF series can display a high definition and smooth image with solid color restoration capability. USF also features adjustable brightness and color temperature and has a wide viewing angle of  160°angle.  USF  Series  is  compatible  for  Control  Room,  Command  Center,  NOC,  Data Center,  WAR  Room,  Showcase,  CCTV  Room,  Traffic  Control,  Digital  Signage,  and  other unique application. 

Energy Conservation Systems 

The  USF  design  uses  Unilumin  Joy  way’s  unique  Energy Conservation Patent. Unilumin is a patented technology from Unilumin and serves as an Energy Conservation System. The system consists in using conventional lamps and IC to reach an  energy-saving  coefficient  up  to  30%  which  aims  to  help reduce  the  overall  electrical  costs  of  the  project.  The  sub- patent  uses  traditional  lamps  and  integrated  circuits  to achieve super energy saving, shorten the material cycle and reduce costs. 

Features of USF Series :

•  Low voltage power supply

•  Reduced screen heat

•  Increased stability 

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